Insight Intelligence Group will engage with you for any form of investigation you require. We work with you to ensure the success of the investigation. Our proactive investigation plan and professional team drive results for you and your team.

Forensic Marine Investigations

Insight Intelligence Group offer a wide range of forensic marine investigations to the maritime industry , including lawyers, claims agencies and insurance companies.

Insight Intelligence Group provides Factual Investigations in following:

  • Accident investigations, particularly when involving injury to the marine vessel staff or shore-workers
  • Life, Disability and Income Protection Claims
  • General and condition surveys for pre-purchase of marine vessels
  • Marine Vessel surveys, inspections, vetting, marine engineering, naval architecture, marine vessel operations and maritime affairs
  • Forensic accident/incidents investigations to the marine vessel, PWC or any other marine type vessel
  • General consultancy including expert witness and technical assistance in litigated matters.

Please contact us should you require further information on our services.