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Reputational Risk Management and Investigations

Reputational risk is a risk which could affect anyone such as politicians, public person, individuals, corporations and government sector. That can result in financial loss, lost revenue, increased operating and regulatory costs and most importantly loss of trust of local community, stakeholders and customers. 

Once when reputation risk spirals out of control, loss of revenue and brand become inevitable. Needless to say that when reputation is damaged employees and shareholders are the first who will be affected and the fact is that employees are first and foremost the strongest pillar of any corporation.

Saying that, reputation is information and every corporation or decision making person must develop a reputation risk management plan: how, who, where and when to place the information, how to control the information and most importantly how to react when some information is placed on the open market and what response should be set into action.

Insight Intelligence Group can assist you and your organisation in managing Reputational Risk Management via following:

  • Training in Reputational Risk Management Methods and Tools (Prevention)
  • Protecting Brand from Reputational Risk
  • Reviewing Policies and Procedures on Reputational Risk Management
  • Reviewing Policies and Procedures on Corporate Counterintelligence / Intelligence
  • Investigating, Analysing and Reporting on Reputational Risk