Insight Intelligence Group will engage with you for any form of investigation you require. We work with you to ensure the success of the investigation. Our proactive investigation plan and professional team drive results for you and your team.

Surveillance Investigations

Our proactive approach to ensuring we engage with you on day 1 of the surveillance. We ensure all of the right information is on hand prior to commencing the surveillance and that KIN’s (key intelligence needs) for surveillance are planned and executed in order to provide satisfactory results for our clients.

Our operatives only use state of the art equipment and are strategists in surveillance. All surveillance investigations are subject to careful planning and reaching objectives for each surveillance investigation.

Insight Intelligence Group provides Surveillance Investigations in the following:

  •  Superannuation Claims
  •  Life and Disability Claims
  •  Workers Cover Insurance Claims
  •  Intellectual Property, Trade Mark and Copyright Fraud
  •  Counterfeiting Investigations

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