Insight Intelligence Group will engage with you for any form of investigation you require. We work with you to ensure the success of the investigation. Our proactive investigation plan and professional team drive results for you and your team.

Training and Professional Development

Investigation discipline is an art, regardless if you are a government law enforcement agent or corporate/private investigator. It is an art because an investigator is like a painter with a blank canvas and needs to paint the canvas with facts and evidence.

Your company will sooner or later experience some event which will require an internal investigation regardless if it is a fraud, workplace investigation, internal theft or any other event which will require the ability of your staff to conduct an internal investigation by utilising knowledge, experience and resources available.

We at Insight Intelligence Group have developed training modules and all training modules are based on our knowledge, experience, legislations with tested and proven methods in criminal and forensic investigations in the government sector, military and diplomatic intelligence and as well in the corporate sector.

Our principal Mario Bekes and Professor Clive Smallman have published Corporate and Workplace Investigations- Crime Investigative and Interviewing Techniques and Competitive Business Intelligence – Principles and Applications.

It is important that continuous training is a hallmark for your organisation and employees, repetition doesn’t make you perfect, makes you permanent and these training modules are the keys to success for your organisation.

Training Module One

Corporate and Workplace Investigations – Crime Investigative and Interviewing Techniques / Methodology and Applications

In every aspect of life an individual, regardless if they are an employee, manager, on the board of directors, public prosecutor, investigator or a parent they must understand what the key objective of any exercise or investigation. In terms of investigation it is very important to understand what the key objective of any investigation.

Fact is that every investigation is different and requires a different approach utilising a variety of resources, man power and tools available.

Without clear Key Objective no investigation can be successfully completed and to understand the objective, the investigator must satisfy several elements before making clear concise decisions of what is the Key Objective.

In intelligence we use Intelligence Management Cycle or Key Intelligence Needs (KIN’s) where in investigations the Key Objectives’ must be applied.

In the corporate world a chain of initiating investigation must exist through the Code of Conduct, Duty of Care or any other corporate policies and procedures.

Training Module Two

Surveillance Investigations – Principles and Methods

Commencing any type of surveillance investigation there is strategic decision rather than a tactical and in accordance with that, surveillance will always bring the desirable results to you and your organisation by utilising the principles, methods and how to approach a surveillance investigation.

Surveillance investigation is an ultimate tool in providing evidence about the person of interest, claimant or perpetrator hence you want to have results without compromising the integrity of your organisation and stakeholders internally or externally.

Training Module Three

Competitive Business Intelligence – Principles and Applications

Information regardless if is tangible or intangible has value and in today’s business DNA age information is a base for decision making which will determine the success of your company in the market and wining the hearts and minds of your customers and stakeholders.

We will refer to the term intelligence as Business Intelligence, true nature of intelligence resides in the definition of Human Intelligence.

Applying human intelligence methodology and techniques into the competitive business world will bring you the most beneficiary result for your company and stakeholders.

Insight Intelligence Group offers online training and if you like to know more about our training modules please contact us.