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Investigation discipline is an art, regardless if you are a government law enforcement agent or corporate/private investigator. It is an art because an investigator is like a painter with a blank canvas and needs to paint the canvas with facts and evidence.

This book is unique to the market as it combines criminal investigation and interviewing techniques-methodology and applications written by Mario Bekes who has extensive experience and education in criminal, military and diplomatic investigation and intelligence; together with Professor Clive Smallman a widely published author and has presented at academic and practitioner conferences worldwide on risk management, strategy and decision-making. His present research interest focuses on the performance of crisis management teams.

This First Edition can be used as reference material for corporations, training material to RTO and government department, insurance and banking sector.

It is important to understand that this book is a colour pallet you want to have in your organisation to complete successful investigations and to be your training manual and training through repetition doesn’t make you perfect, it makes you permanent.

If you would like to pre-order Corporate and Workplace Investigations: Crime Investigative Techniques – Methodology and Application or would like to know more about training module, please contact us.